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Benefits of Raising a Book Worm

Parents are often told that they should start reading to a child from an early age. But why? Babies don't really understand books do they? Why should you start reading books from an early age to their child?

From birth, reading books to your child has a number of benefits including:

• Encouraging vocabulary development.

• Creating an engaging environment for positive social development.

• Exposing your child to different sounds.

• Encouraging sound development as your child watches your mouth move as you read.

• Allowing introduction to early vocalisations that children can imitate, such as animal noises and vroom-vroom noises.

Tips for parents when reading books to young children:

• Forget the "rules"of reading books. It doesn't matter if the book is read from back to front, or if you skip pages.

• You don't need to read the written text, instead use simple words that describe the characters, scene or story line.

Most importantly have fun engaging and educating your child!

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- Blog contributed to by Brittany Hall, Speech and Language Pathologist


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