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Going Cloth: Save the Environment and Your Back Pocket!

COVID-19 has thrown up alot of facing new parents is a lack of nappies and wipes at the supermarket. Cloth nappies are a cost-effective, easy and sustainable alternative to disposable nappies.

What you need

· Cloth nappies – either terry toweling, newborn or One Size Fits Most (OSFM).

· Wet bags [various sizes].

· Wipes – can use reusable wipes, homemade with paper towel or disposable wipes.

· Washing machine.

· Laundry detergent and anti-bacterial liquid.

Cloth Nappy Options:


One Size Fits Most

Types of Cloth Nappies:

Popular brands

· Hippybottomus

· EcoNaps

· Bubblebubs

· Baby BeeHinds

· Baby Bare

· Mother-ease

· Cushie Tushies

· Peek-a-boo [formerly Pikapu]

· Bambooty

· Peapods

Wet Bags

Washing Process

1. Take wet bag to washing machine.

2. Remove inserts from nappies and place inside washing machine.

3. Turn wet bag inside out and place in washing machine.

4. Complete 2 x rinse cycles with no detergent required [approx. 15-minutes each cycle].

5. Add recommended amount of washing detergent and anti-bacterial liquid to washing machine.

6. Add any additional washing to the machine – must be no bigger than a tea towel [e.g., baby clothes, socks, terry toweling, washers, hand towels].

7. Complete 40-degree long wash [approx. 1hr 20-mins].

8. Hang nappies out on clothes horse in direct sunlight or on the clothes line to dry [they can be placed in a dryer if needed].


· Inserts are made from natural fibers, such as bamboo and hemp, which are great for a baby’s skin.

· Initial upfront cost, however significant long-term savings – the nappies can be used across multiple children.

· Cute designs.

· Reduce environmental waste.


· Need access to a washing machine, which can be difficult when travelling.

· Drying can be slow if you don’t have access to a dryer during overcast weather.

· Finding the right fit for your baby can take time.

· Finding the right night time nappy to go the distance.


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