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Never Stop Reading

Continuing on from our previous blog, you might have heard the saying 'Never stop learning'. Well the same can be said for reading.

As your child grows and develops benefits of reading remain but in a slightly different way, including: - helping to develop attention - teaching children about sequencing - improving an understanding of language - increasing exposure to different sentence types (e.g moving from simple to complex sentences) - an easy way of teaching feelings/ emotions and the words behind these Tips for parents while reading to/with your child:

- ask why questions that require prediction and inferencing (e.g what might happen next? Why does X feel that way? What could X do to get his ball back?) - this promotes problem solving skills - identify core story elements and themes as well as the meaning behind the story (e.g. characters, setting, problems, actions, feelings) - encourage children to retell stories which helps to consolidate comprehension

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- Blog contributed to by Brittany Hall, Speech and Language Therapist


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